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Union Handbook 2003

Union Handbook 2003

Every summer ULSU produced a Union Handbook to provide essential information for new student intake in September. On this occasion it took the form of a 90 page A5 booklet printed in duotone with a full colour cover. This was then mailed out to students before they arrived on campus. The back pages of the booklet contained a small diary and the intension was to encourage students to treat this an essential guide and tool to be carried with them at all times.

The original photograph used for the front cover was one from a set I originally took at one of our Union nights “Suck It!” and had been used previously on one my flyers to promote that night. This time I transformed thin slices of the image and applied layer masks to create the motion blur effect.


Photoshop 6, Illustrator 9, QuarkXpress 5, photography